Why do I get injured?

Today blog will be from a mechanical standpoint which means musculoskeletal conditions. Pathological conditions are serious problems that require medical assistance.

We are all an expression of our environment even though many aches and pains seem to just develop out of no where they are a result of our actions or inactions. For example, if you have developed pain that has seemed to have come out of no where it will be due to under recovery and a failure to adapt to the environmental stresses. Environmental stresses include things like exercise, work, posture and lack of sleep. These all use our bodies systems to adapt and if we don’t recover, we get injured, depressed and sick. The stress bucket model does a fabulous job of summing up why we get injured.

Using this very simplistic image we can see that the more stress we encounter either physical (think too much exercise, holding a posture for too long, overworking a physical or postural demanding job), emotional (think more relationship frustration, job dissatisfaction) and dietary stress (think eating a poor diet, not getting vital nutrients) fills the bucket. If the bucket overflows this can lead to breakdowns, injury and illness.

So how do I avoid Injury?

Firstly, we can simply avoid the things that are causing us stress. This way the bucket doesn’t fill, and we avoid injury, illness and emotional breakdowns. I do not think this is a good way of dealing with the problem an example of this would be getting shoulder pain from overloading you bench press, so you just stop the exercise. If you want this to be the cure, then so be it. I personally would like to develop resilience and keep pushing my limits.

Using healthy habits, we can empty the bucket. This includes but is not limited to exercise (getting your blood flowing and releasing hormones is good for you!). Remember blood carries nutrients to different areas of the body replenishing them!

Meditation is a great way to empty the bucket, you can do yoga, make funny noises or simply get some alone time to reflect on your thoughts (I like to paint to get my headspace).

Eating a healthy diet is a great way to replenish your bodies nutrients which means the body has more materials to create and repair your body.

Maintenance care is another good way of destressing, this includes many different therapies such as adjustments, massage, body tempering, stretching, foam rolling and so on.

How else do we stop the stress overflowing?

We have touched on stopping the stress entering and making sure stress is leaving but how about making the bucket bigger? By making the bucket bigger we are creating resilience meaning we are less susceptible to stress and can endure more of it. This is my preferred way! This means building and creating more mental and physical strength. When you can face adversity and smile that’s when you are strong! I will be covering this in more detail soon!

This is a difficult time to find pain relief as many practitioners are closed due to the corona virus. Below I have linked some products you can use to ease aches and pains I will be developing videos showing how to use them shortly.

Stay well and stay safe!


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