What is the best exercise for a trapped nerve in the neck?

Following on from the last shoulder pain post found here, if you have a trapped nerve in your neck and want to ease it quickly, this post is for you.

Experiencing ‘pinched nerves’ are never fun they come on suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. The pain can be in the neck and in some cases the pain travels down the shoulder blade, arm and into the fingertips.

Most of the time a trapped nerve occurs due to herniated disc or thoracic outlet syndrome. In both cases posture is key. Looking down excessively and having rotated inward shoulders can be what brings on both these problems. There are three key points to solving this issue. Warning: It is impossible to look cool doing these exercises so use them in a safe place.

1) Switching on your muscles of posture (rhomboids and lower traps) below is a simple exercise to switch on the muscles that keep you upright. If you are sat down for long periods of time, make sure you do this even if you have no pain. It will give you better posture and keep you pain free! For even more posture tips click here.

2) This is more for pain relief. The first is the towel exercise that we have covered before here. This movement can help reduce your nerve pain in the neck. The second is a chin tuck and lean towards the side of pain. This can reduce pain and sometimes take the edge off any symptoms in the arms and hands. You can perform these up to ten times every hour.

3) This next one is performed by simply lying on a foam roller. A link to a good foam roller is provided below if you have not got one already. This is a nice way to stretch the pectorals and shoulders which will improve posture and reduce pain. I like to perform a chin tuck and angel movement at the same time.

By making a change to your lifestyle you can keep symptoms away forever. A great way to start is by making simple changes to your workstation using my guide found here.

I hope these tips have helped, let me know how you get on below and if you need more help feel free to send me an email.

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