Kettlebell Mobility Part 1.

In the last blog we had a look at mobility vs flexibility. If you missed it click here.

Following on from that blog, I wanted to share some moves that you can do that will make you more robust, pain free and functional. All you need is a kettlebell!

One of the reasons I discuss kettlebells often, is because it’s like doing yoga with weights; it satisfies my inner macho man Randy Savage. It can be very similar in terms of controlling and stabilising weight. Also, because of the added resistance, you are stimulating the body to create more bone density and muscle mass. Both of which are pretty essential for healthy living. Another reason is that it can easily be scaled, meaning you can just make it harder by increasing the size of the kettlebell.

The below pictures display a movement that was shown to me by Dan John of last year and I have used it ever since. This is a great starting place for increasing your mobility and from here you can progress to other weighted exercises.

I use these as a warm up before moving onto other exercises. Or just to loosen up.

Start by grabbing the kettlebell by the horns. Next, squat down. Imagine you are sitting in between your legs as opposed to sitting on top of them. For bonus points here, push your elbows out into your legs. In time this will allow for a deeper, wider squat.

Performing curls in this position really opens up the hips. Who says curls are not functional?!

If you have a bar or dowel close by (broom handle will do), you can work your overhead position. This will open up your shoulders and thoracic spine, curing you hunch back. It is also transferable to over head squats. Wider is easier, I usually start wide and work my way in.

I tend to perform these once a day just for general well being. If I find a position that is uncomfortable I will hold and sometimes rock in that position until it feels comfortable. Have a play around – your body will thank you for it!

There you have it, a quick and easy drill that works most of the body in areas that are commonly needing attention. If this movement is too much, start off with the movement I shared in my previous blog post found here.

Thanks for reading!

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