How to set up a healthy home or work desk space.

With more people working from home I thought I had best put together a check list of how you can set up your work space so you can stay healthy and pain free when working at home.

Firstly, set up your work space at your desk or at a table. Working on the couch or in bed is a bad idea and a quick way to get tired achy muscles! Now we have a table we want to make sure the screen you are using is set up so that your neck mid and lower back are in a neutral position. This will mean less load on your muscles which in turn will lead to less achy painful muscles.

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Secondly, if you are using a screen, have it at least an arm’s length away. This is will cause less stress on your eyes. The monitor should also be at eye level which means you will not be leaning forward which would cause unnecessary stress on the muscles in your neck.

Your arms should rest easily at your sides, elbows should be at 90 degrees and rest easy on your keyboard and mouse. Your legs, knees and feet should also be 90 degrees and relaxed too.

All the things you are working with should be close by within an arm’s reach. Twisting and bending whilst sat down is a quick way to fatigue muscles.

Lastly, you should also take frequent breaks! Move and stretch often to keep your blood flowing. I would aim to get out of your seat and move around at least once every 30-45 mins to reset posture and help blood flow. If you would like some movements that help your posture click here.

A stretch is always good too!

Hope you have enjoyed reading! Leave a comment if you need more detail on anything or if you have any more tips for working at home!

2 thoughts on “How to set up a healthy home or work desk space.

  1. I’m terrible for having my laptop in the wrong position! Great shout about putting some books under the laptop though. And I’ve been trying to walk around more – and I am getting out on walks more – but since lockdown there have been occasions when I’ve realised I’ve been sat in the same place from 7am to 6pm.

    1. It can sneak up on you! I swear the days are coming and going faster than before. Walking is fantastic it has so many health benefits! Let me know if you need anything and thank you for the comment!

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