AC dysfunction fix.

If you have shoulder pain and want to find the cause, start here.

If you have fallen or had a collision to the shoulder you may have sprained your acromio-clavicular joint or AC joint. Pain in this area can also come on when performing push ups and bench press.

The fix.

Perform deep tissue over the area either by self-releasing, foam rolling using a ball (lacrosse, tennis or myofascial). If this eases the pain within thirty seconds to a minute great! Continue doing so for up to five minutes. It is also advisable to work on your posture. Tips for this can be found here.

If it starts to feel worse the area is probably inflamed, and you should ice for a couple of days then retry. If the pain persists beyond this point, it is time for a professional to have a look and help. If you are local to Rossendale get in touch and I can help you out.

I hope this post has helped you out and thanks for reading. If you do not own a foam roller or a lacrosse ball click on the link below to get one from amazon.

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